Navigating with CLEAR: A Hassle-Free Guide to Expedited Security

Think back to the last time you were waiting in the airport security line. Was it a fifteen or a forty-minute wait? And while you were standing in line, nervously checking the time on your watch or phone, watching the slow overflowing TSA booths—did you notice that one line was moving much faster than yours?

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What you saw was CLEAR in action. You’ve likely seen these white ovular kiosks near the security gates and wondered why people could move through TSA much quicker.

So, what is CLEAR at the airport? 

This complete breakdown of CLEAR will explain its advantages and tips for using it to enhance your travel experience and say goodbye to those unpredictable security lines. 

What is CLEAR at the Airport?

If you’re familiar with CLEAR from other venues, you might not recognize how the system works at airports. CLEAR at the airport is actually CLEAR Plus, and standard CLEAR exists at other venues.

So then, what is CLEAR Plus? This premium membership saves you time at the airport by verifying your identity through an eye or fingerprint scan, allowing you to jump to the front of the security line without presenting a government ID to a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent.

When hustling through the airport to make your flight, CLEAR knows you don’t have time for a long and complicated sign-up and approval process. To help travelers in a rush, CLEAR offers a speedy enrollment that only takes minutes at the airport.

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Other Venues that Use CLEAR

Where else can you use CLEAR? You’ll find CLEAR—standard, not Plus—at many sports stadiums or concert venues to help alleviate long, tedious lines for entry.1

CLEAR at these venues are typically complementary and separate from the CLEAR Plus airport service. In other words, if you’re a CLEAR Plus member, you don’t get additional benefits at regular CLEAR queues at sports games or events.

Benefits of CLEAR Plus

A CLEAR Plus membership for you or your whole family has many benefits. Below are some of the highlights.

  • White glove service – Enrolling in CLEAR Plus is even easier with the help of expert CLEAR Ambassadors. When you arrive at the CLEAR Plus line, a CLEAR Ambassador will assist you in getting through airport security to your gate as quickly as possible, even if you haven’t fully signed up yet. The Ambassador will help you verify your identity through the biometric scanning step and then direct you to the proper security line for an expedited experience.
  • Family-friendly – Do you travel often with your spouse, best friend, or little ones? With CLEAR, you can add up to three adult members to your plan at a discounted rate. Plus, family members under 18 can join you in the CLEAR lane for free.
  • Wide availability across the United States – Available at over 55 of the largest airports in the nation, CLEAR lanes can save you a lot of time if you frequently travel domestically. According to Business Insider, 5 of the top 10 busiest airports are in the United States, including the world’s busiest airport of 2023: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.2 CLEAR is available at each of these bustling airports, saving you the most time where the security lines are the densest and wait times are the longest.

CLEAR Plus offers a premium, luxurious security screening process, starting at $189 per year, and tacks on an extra $99 per year for each additional adult on your plan.3 For an even more seamless travel experience, consider combining CLEAR with other flying essentials

Tips for Using CLEAR

Don’t miss out on the following strategies to maximize your value when you sign up for CLEAR Plus and leave security line stresses behind.

  • Pre-register online – To make first-time enrollment a breeze at the airport, visit CLEAR online to start enrollment remotely with the freedom to finish later in person. In the online portion, you’ll provide details such as address, email address, and payment info, so all you need to do in person is prove your identity and enjoy skipping the line.
  • Upgrade to CLEAR’s NextGen Identity+ – CLEAR will be rolling out a new, touch-free identity verification process in the near future, requiring only a quick facial scan instead of an iris scan or fingerprint. While all CLEAR Plus Members will be required to make this free upgrade, you can get ahead of the curve by checking for an email from CLEAR with instructions on the process.4

For more travel and less hassle, upgrading to a service like CLEAR Plus can make a huge difference in your experience. If you want to optimize your comfort and efficiency while traveling internationally, Maya Mobile’s packing hacks and eSIM technology can revolutionize your travel abroad with your phone.

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Navigating long security lines at the world’s busiest airports is a draining experience, both on your time and mood. For the fast-paced air traveler, CLEAR is a must-have to maximize your freedom while jet-setting worldwide.  

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