Smart Traveler’s Toolkit: Essential Apps for Seamless Journeys

There are dozens of apps for seemingly everything these days, including travel—so how do you know which ones are worth using, and which are merely taking up space?

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From hotel reservations and saving on plane fare to navigating around your destination city and beyond, we have a hand-picked list of travel apps from experienced fellow travelers that you’re guaranteed to use as a traveler in 2024.

Researching and Booking Apps

These apps are great for the early stages of your travel planning, especially when  trying to find the best flight deals or room and board. To help your trip come together, download to your iOS devices and cross-reference between these popular apps1:

  • Hopper – Keep track of flight prices with an easy-to-use, simple interface that will tell you the cheapest and most expensive travel days for your destination. Hopper goes into great detail with its price breakdown, even predicting how long the best prices will last and giving you push notifications for price changes, as well as an option to lock in the current price with a small upfront payment.
  • Airbnb – Whether you want a little bungalow, a private room on someone else’s property, or an entire mansion to yourself, Airbnb has it all. You can enjoy your destination like a local, which is especially great if you’re staying for a longer time and want some extra space and a place to cook meals.
  • Google Travel – Though you can’t book flights through Google Flights directly, it gives you a real-time comparison chart between different airlines. You can also use this tool to look up vacation rentals, hotels, and even activities to build your itinerary.
  • Wanderu – You can use this app to book hotels, flights, and car rentals, but it stands out as one of the only apps that covers buses and trains—an often overlooked part of the travel experience. If you want to book your bus or train tickets as easily as your flights, Wanderu can help.

There are dozens of aggregate sites  to find hotel and flight deals. However, some industry experts suggest that you use these sites to compare prices and then book through the airline directly.2 This gives you a direct line in case you have an emergency or change of plans.

Trip Organization Apps

Creating your dream itinerary is one of the most exciting parts of trip planning, but keeping track of all the nitty gritty details can also be a struggle. Here are a few apps that will reduce your stress beforehand and keep you on track throughout your vacation:

  • Packpoint Packing hacks are essential and important to help you determin whether you need a carry-on vs a checked bag. This app suggests what you should pack based on your destination, the length of your trip, activities you may have planned, and whether or not you’ll have access to a washer and dryer.
  • TripIt – If you feel like you’re constantly juggling 15 lists, this travel planner app is for you. It keeps everything in one spot, letting you view travel itineraries, hotel and Airbnb bookings, flight information, rental car reservations, driving instructions, and more. 
  • Roadtrippers – If you want to take the scenic route, this app shines. It plans out your driving route and locates interesting, lesser-known attractions and activities along the way, crafting a one-of-a-kind experience.

So, now that you have your booking and planning done, how can you navigate your destination with the utmost ease?

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Apps to Use at Your Destination

This is where transportation apps and converters come in handy. These apps help you navigate your way through even the most confusing cities:

  • Google Maps – A tried and true classic, Google Maps gives you simple directions on how to get from Point A to Point B by bike, bus, car, train, ferry, on foot, and more. It works across many countries, making it a prime choice for travelers.
  • Citymapper – Available for 40 international cities, Citymapper suggests routes and alternatives and showcases trip length, fares, maps, and a breakdown of the cost of each leg of the trip. Pro tip: Utilize this app for seamless navigation through public transportation.
  • XE Currency Converter – This app gives you up-to-the-minute currency conversion rates and lets you store the information offline, so you have that knowledge at the tips of your fingers and can avoid overpaying for currency exchange.

Plenty of countries also have their own local transportation apps that can help you figure out the bus schedules, train schedules, and more, so make sure to look into destination-specific apps.

Purchase eSIM Cards to Easily Use the Best Travel Apps

Naturally, to enjoy any of these apps while you’re traveling abroad,  you will  need a way to connect to the internet. In the past, this is where SIM cards came in.  Installing a foreign SIM card into your smartphone allows you to use cell service and the internet like a local.

These days, however, eSIM cards are stealing the show. Maya Mobile offers hyper-convenient eSIM cards for travelers looking to stay connected abroad. These cards download directly onto your phone without the fuss of a physical card, and you can use multiple eSIMs for different legs of your journey, from Europe to South America to Asia and beyond.

With an eSIM, you can easily check Hopper for the latest flight deals, find bus routes on Wanderu, look up activities nearby on Citymapper, and never miss a beat. Check out Maya Mobile’s eSIM cards today to unlock your phone and a new way to travel. 


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