What To Do In Shibuya, Japan

Exploring the Vibrant Shibuya District in Japan

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, Shibuya is not just a district – it’s an active center of culture, fashion, and nightlife that captures the essence of modern Japan. This bustling area offers more than just its famed Shibuya Crossing, with more experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or visiting Japan for the first time, Shibuya promises a journey that will give you the trip of a lifetime. To help you make the most out of your Japan travel, here’s a short guide:

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Discovering the Best Time to Visit Shibuya

Experiencing Shibuya at its best is also about perfect timing. Ideally, it would be best to visit the district when it truly comes alive during springtime from March to May and autumn from September to November. During these times you can expect pleasant weather, and the streets are lined with cherry blossoms or crisp autumn leaves – creating a scenic backdrop for your pictures. Consider these seasons as the best time to stroll through Yoyogi Park while savoring the outdoor ambiance of Tokyo’s youth culture – including a visit to the serene Meiji Shrine, just a stone’s throw away. Indeed, these are just a few of the many amazing things to do in Tokyo! 

Navigating Must-Know Tips for Exploring Shibuya

  • Be aware of cultural practices – It’s essential to embrace and respect the local customs and etiquette during your stay for smooth and respectful interactions with the locals. A friendly smile, a polite bow, and a little understanding of Japanese phrases can go a long way in enhancing your interactions.
  • Stay Connected –  Staying connected is essential when traveling in Shibuya. With Maya Mobile’s Asia eSIM plans, you can keep in touch with loved ones and navigate the bustling streets seamlessly by connecting to maps, guides, and translation tools. The best part? You won’t need to buy a physical sim, and you can use it anytime you travel again!
  • Transport Hints – Treat Shibuya Station as your central hub for all of your travels within the district. This bustling terminal connects you to the buses, JR lines, and subways, making it a breeze to explore the more expansive city. 
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Getting to and Around Shibuya

Shibuya Station, the heart of this district, is a transport hub and gateway to exploring the hidden gems and vibrant streets of Shibuya. The station’s Hachiko Exit, named after the beloved canine icon, leads you directly into the famed Shibuya Crossing and the surrounding areas. In general, there’s nothing to worry about Tokyo’s public transport system as it is praised for being efficient, punctual, and surprisingly easy to navigate. This includes the nearby Harajuku Station and Tokyo Station, which will whisk you from Shibuya to iconic landmarks like the Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree with ease and comfort!

Top Things to Do in Shibuya

For travelers looking for a unique and exciting adventure in the city, Shibuya is your top playground for urban wonders – blending traditional charm with cutting-edge modernity. With so many things to do, where do you even start? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Here’s how you can dive into this lively atmosphere:

Marveling at the Iconic Shibuya Crossing

Stand at the heart of the iconic Shibuya scramble crossing, said to be the world’s busiest pedestrian crosswalk, and feel the pulse of the city as thousands of people navigate the intersection with speed and precision. You may also want to capture this orchestrated masterpiece from Shibuya Sky, an observation deck located atop the Shibuya Scramble Square. This offers a perfect bird’s-eye view of the crossing that’s both fascinating and symbolic of Tokyo’s dynamic rhythm.

Paying Homage to the Beloved Hachiko Statue 

A visit to the Hachiko Statue, just outside Shibuya Station, is a must, especially for dog lovers who have heard of the story or seen the movie (yes, we all cried!). This statue is a tribute to loyalty and friendship, commemorating the faithful dog who waited for his owner every day, even after his master’s passing, forever touching the hearts of locals and travelers.

Statue of Hachiko dog, tribute to loyalty and friendship
Statue of Hachiko dog, tribute to loyalty and friendship

Immersing Yourself in Art at Local Galleries 

For art lovers, you will indeed find yourself mesmerized by Shibuya with galleries of contemporary artists like the Toguri Museum of Art showcasing exquisite ceramics. You can also witness pop-up art exhibitions and cultural events featuring both local and international artists at Shibuya Parco. Both venues offer an excellent opportunity to dive deep into Japan’s artistic innovation and heritage.

Soaring to New Heights at Shibuya Sky 

After experiencing the beautiful chaos of Shibuya crossing, witness this fascinating moment by heading to Shibuya Sky atop the Shibuya Scramble Square. This observation deck offers breathtaking views and presents a 360-degree panorama of Tokyo, stretching all the way to Mount Fuji on clear days. It’s a unique and exciting experience that captures Shibuya’s blend of traditional and modern, where you can see the Shibuya district’s skyline merging historical sites like the Konno Hachimangu Shrine with contemporary structures.

Hunting for Musical Treasures in Shibuya’s Record Shops 

Music lovers can delve into Shibuya’s vinyl scene, where record shops in areas like Shibuya Center Gai are a paradise for music collectors. Other places like Shibuya Parco and Shibuya Hikarie offer a variety of genres, from J-pop to classic rock, providing a colorful journey through Japan’s diverse music landscape.

Indulging in a Shopping Spree at Shibuya’s Trendy Boutiques 

For fashion enthusiasts, your paradise awaits in this bustling district, especially along Center Gai and Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, where quirky finds meet high-end fashion. If you’re at Shibuya Crossing, don’t forget to visit Shibuya Mark City to witness fashion events and pop-ups and for a fantastic shopping experience that reflects the innovative spirit of Shibuya. 

Pedestrians stroll down Shibuya Cener-gai
Pedestrians stroll down Shibuya Cener-gai

Savoring Authentic Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Delicacies 

Just like the other aspects of Shibuya, the city’s culinary scene is a vibrant exploration of flavors. Whether you’re having street snacks in Nonbei Yokocho or trying out high-end sushi in Shibuya Stream, each bite offers a taste of Tokyo’s gourmet delights. For an authentic local dining experience, visit Shibuya Yokocho, where you will see the vibrant traditional izakayas within bustling alleyways and a variety of small Japanese eateries and bars in a lively setting. Here, you’ll also enjoy the interactive dining culture, sharing tables with locals and enjoying the warm environment that defines the Japanese izakaya experience.

Embarking on a Climbing Adventure at Miyashita Park 

Transformed from a simple green space to an urban playground, Miyashita Park features skate parks and climbing walls, offering active travelers and adrenaline junkies a way to experience Shibuya’s energetic vibe.

Unwinding with a Drink in the Lively Back Alleys of Shibuya

Enjoy a unique drinking experience at Shibuya’s back alleys like Nonbei Yokocho, where cozy izakayas and bars offer a local interactive experience, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration.

Dancing the Night Away at Vibrant Nightclubs 

But of course, this urban paradise won’t be complete without the vibrant nightlife. Shibuya’s clubs, like “Womb” near Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, offer unforgettable nights of dance and music, reflecting the youthful energy and lively club scene of Shibuya city.

Miyashita park rooftop garden and mall in Shibuya
Miyashita park rooftop garden and mall in Shibuya

Exploring the Unique World of Love Hotel Hill in Shibuya 

We’ve all heard about Japan’s quirky side, and if you’re curious, consider taking a stroll through Love Hotel Hill, where you can get a glimpse of Japan’s unique take on boutique lodging. Here, you’ll be amazed at how each hotel features its own theme and decor, contributing to the Japanese culture’s diverse nature.

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